17 September, 2017


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Routine Maintenance

You wouldn’t drive your car for 80,000 miles with out any maintenance, would you? That same logic holds true for HVAC systems. Regular HVAC preventative maintenance is the only exceptional way to ensure your system works properly and increases the longevity of the unit. Pre-season maintenance helps avoid system failures in extreme weather conditions, when you need it the most. It can also help lower your energy bill!

Depending on your type of HVAC system, we offer many maintenance plans to best fit your needs. The general rule of thumb is at least twice (2 times) a year. For a system that both cools and heats your home, generally perform the required maintenance in the spring and fall, before severe weather conditions.


HVAC Maintenance Checklist

When we come out and inspect your HVAC system, we generally check the following:

  • For outdoor units:
    • Measure refrigerant levels and adjust if necessary
    • Clean dirt and debris from the condenser coils
    • Inspect fan motor and blades for wear and tear; lubricate if necessary
    • Inspect the control box for wiring connections
    • Inspect the compressor and any duct for damage or leakage
  • For indoor units
    • Inspect, clean and lubricate blower motor assembly
    • Inspect and clean evaporator coil, drain pan and drain lines for proper drainage
    • Detect any gas leaks
    • Clean and adjust burner assembly, ignition system, safety controls, heat exchange or heating elements, and flue system as needed
    • Replace air filter if needed
    • While the system is running, check the following:
      • Listen for any abnormal noise
      • Search for any unusual odors, usually a gas leak
      • Measure indoor and outdoor bulb temperature
      • Measure both the low and the high side system pressures
      • Monitor and adjust gas furnace for correct line pressure
      • Inspect the ductwork
      • Monitor system operation per manufacturer’s recommendations

PZ Heating and Cooling will provide a detailed system operations report and recommend any necessary repairs or replacements.


Dirty Condenser Unit

After cleaning the coils